Sense-logo-300x240Sense, the national deafblind charity, responds to TFL’s ‘Baby on Board-style’ badges for disabled passengers

Sense, the national deafblind charity, has welcomed Transport for London’s announcement that Londoners with disabilities will be offered badges which will encourage other passengers on to board to give up their seat.

The “Baby on board-style” accessories, which say “Please offer me a seat”, are being trialled next month.

Kate Fitch, Head of Public Policy at Sense, said:

“Many of the people Sense supports face significant challenges when using public transport. A lack of understanding from staff or other passengers is a significant issue, especially for people with impairments that are not easily visible to others.

“The introduction of the blue badge will give individuals who choose to wear it confidence that their needs will be considered by other passengers. We welcome the trial and hope that this small change will see more disabled people accessing public transport and enjoying the freedoms associated with it.”