This week is MS Awareness Week, and it wouldn’t hurt for us to be a little more aware of some great MS bloggers? We’ve put together a very short and not at all comprehensive list of some brilliant accounts on the ‘gram that make us laugh, make us cry, and make us think about living with multiple sclerosis. If we’re missing some criminally underrated content creators, send us a tweet or tag us over on the PosAbility Instagram account!

The Nerve of My MS

TheNerveOfMyMS Multiple Sclerosis

Natalie Busari takes us along for the ride of her MS journey, but there’s never a dull moment scrolling through her Instagram. She relates a lot of her content back to her completely evident love of music. If she’s not calling everyone and their dog out for claiming they have a cure for MS via the medium of lipsyncing, she’s making us laugh alongside her beautiful family. Her page is funny, fun, and down to Earth, chronicling her experience with hospitals, the lockdown, and living her life with multiple sclerosis with humour, wit and joy.

Not My MS

NotMyMS Multiple Sclerosis

Mia is a 20-year-old student who is blogging her experience of MS, warts and all, on her Instagram. Her social media provides fantastic insight into what it’s like to live with multiple sclerosis, explaining thoroughly how no two people will have the same experience of MS, while simultaneously myth-busting all of the falsehoods she’s encountered along her path. At the moment, she’s taking part in MS Together’s incredible 2 Million Steps fundraiser for young people living with MS in the UK and Ireland.

What A Beautiful MS This Is

WhatABeautifulMSThisIs Multiple Sclerosis

Jay Marie Dixion is a guinea pig obsessed MS fighter from Surrey, and she’s currently taking us with her on a journey as she tries to navigate living with MS and getting fit, because as she says: “I like being a little curvy because I like my pizza and Stella Artois but being diagnosed with MS I constantly want to try and keep in the best possible shape for me and my health.” Pizza and a pint? We could be fast friends.

Jenna Green

thejennagreen MS

Jenna is another MS advocate who is keeping it real on Instagram: her posts are uplifting, realistic, and never shy away from telling you what her experience of living with multiple sclerosis has been like. Her Instagram is a gentle reminder to never forget the importance of self-care, speaking up about your chronic illness (regardless of how many people – read, terrible friends – tell you they’re bored of hearing it), and self-advocacy.

The Black MS Foundation

Black MS Foundation

Healthcare is a sector centred to the experience of white, cis-gender people, so it can often be difficult for people who don’t identify with any of these labels to get the help that they need, or find people like them who are experiencing the same things. The Black MS Foundation was established to amplify the voices of people of colour in the UK who are living with multiple sclerosis. Their Can We Talk series is fantastic and well worth a watch.

Ananya Rao-Middleton

Ananya MS

We’ve featured Ananya in a few things over the last year, and that’s because we love her. Existing at the intersection of chronic illness and beautiful art, Ananya’s striking illustrations have been featured in publications from the UK government, shoe retailer Schuh, the BBC and more – and for good reason. Her Instagram is a gorgeous mix of art, afirmations and activism where she explores disability and chronic illness.

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