Scottish hosiery brand Snag has launched their brand-new Care Bear inspired tights with a brilliantly inclusive advertising campaign.

Snag, who has recently risen to prominence after being featured on the Emmy Award-winning reality show Ru Paul’s Drag Race, are known for their deeply-rooted stance on inclusivity, and their latest campaign is no different. It features a model using a walking stick, and a model who lives with a limb difference and uses a wheelchair, gleefully showing off their cute 80s-inspired tights.

Person in a brightly coloured dungaree dress lying on their back in Snag tights

This model wears Snag tights inspired by Good Luck Bear

This isn’t the first time that the company have featured disabled models in their clothing – the brand is committed to showing people of all genders, body types, sizes, ethnicities and styles in their products, creating a more accurate reflection of the buying public and letting customers see how Snag’s clothing will look on a person who looks like them. Their products are available in sizes 4 to 36 and are made with sustainability in mind, prioritising the environmental impact of their production line while keeping products affordable. Snag has recently expanded from exclusively selling hosiery, producing swimwear, skirts, t-shirts, and leggings which feature actual pockets.

Their latest collection takes its inspiration from the classic 80s cartoon series and toy franchise the Care Bears. For those who managed to miss the craze: Care Bears are colourful teddy-like ursines, each with a symbol on their tummies, called a belly badge – Grumpy Bear is a grouchy indigo-coloured bear with a raincloud on his stomach, symbolising his negative mood, while Bedtime Bear is aqua and has a crescent moon as his belly badge.

Person in bright clothes posing with her leg popped in the air, supported by her walking stick

Snag’s tights inspired by Funshine Bear

The colourful tights are inspired by a number of classic bears from across the series, including Grumpy Bear, Good Luck Bear, and Wish Bear, with more tights coming soon inspired by Tenderheart Bear and others. Each pair retails for £14.99, and are available in seven sizes which span from sizes 4 to 36.

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Images: Snag
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