773_1361883157To mark forty years of providing learning disabilities support and championing the rights of all disabled people, United Response is launching Postcards From The Edges. The project encourages anyone whose life has been impacted by disability to create a postcard expressing their thoughts and feelings. All the postcards will be posted on the project’s website and a series of exhibitions are planned, as well as a booklet to ensure that the project’s impact is long-lasting.

There are already dozens of postcards on the website, touching on a variety of themes and issues. This postcard by Matt highlights some of the frustration that people with disabilities can feel at the well-intentioned but over-earnest attitude of some able-bodied people.

With a skilful blend of image and text Matt’s card is artistic and striking but gets his point across succinctly.

Filed under Challenges, Karl’s plain but hard-hitting postcard shows that you don’t have to be an artist to create a wonderful card.

With his plain, simple message in a bold font, Karl’s postcard reminds everyone that disabilities are not always obvious.

These are just a couple of the postcards that have already been submitted but they show just how simple or complicated you can make your own.  So, if you want to submit your own postcard and let the world know about the challenges you face, what obstacles you’ve overcome, your hopes, dreams and even fears then head on over to the Postcards From The Edges website. You’ll find a handy program to design and create your postcard from scratch all in your web browser. Of course, if you prefer something more traditional you can request a pack to be sent to you in the post which includes templates and guidance on how to make a real postcard to send in to United Response.

Getting started can be the hard part with any creative endeavour, so the website also has ideas for themes as well as a library of existing postcards for you to use as inspiration. Remember, this is a way for you to express your thoughts and feelings in a powerful and visually striking way. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, so let your passion run wild.

Join United Response in celebrating forty years of helping and supporting disabled people to be more independent and live life on their terms. Create your card and let the world know what you’re feeling.