Sophie Thornhill and Helen Scott won their second Commonwealth gold in the Para-sport 1,000m tandem time-trial for blind and visually impaired athletes.

The English pair, who also won gold in the tandem sprint, set a new Games record of one minute, 8.177 seconds.

Scotland’s Aileen McGlynn and Louise Haston, who won silver in the tandem sprint, were second again, over one and a half seconds behind.

Australia’s Brandie O’Connor and Breanna Hargrave won bronze.

“I knew from the very first rev it would be a good one but I had no idea we would go that fast,” Scott told BBC Sport.

Thornhilll, 18, said: “We have worked so hard for this, all the long hours on the track, it just means so much. It is awesome.

“For everyone to give us the same recognition as the able body guys is amazing. This environment is so exciting and I can’t wait for Rio now.”

BBC Sport