Colin-BrewerTHOUSANDS of people have signed a petition calling for Collin Brewer to resign his newly won place on Cornwall Council. The controversial politician resigned in February after it was revealed he said disabled children should be put down because they cost the authority too much. 

But news that he had narrowly secured re-election to represent Wadebridge East at County Hall has seen many people using social networking to vent their anger.

An e-petition has already attracted nearly 1,140 names and a number of Facebook pages calling on Mr Brewer to resign or be sacked have attracted more than 2,500 people.

“I set this Facebook group up after he was re-elected and was very upset that after his comments he wanted to stand again and thought the Cornish people would forget what he had said and let him get away with it,” wrote James Ball who set up one of the Facebook pages.

“He can’t be that arrogant and think we are all going to sit back and let him carry on.

“This man should not be in power of any kind and if we get him to resign again it will show that we will not stand for this kind of behaviour.”

Mr Ball from Troon near Camborne, who has to use a wheelchair after damaging his hips and knees through years of playing rugby and working in the building trade, said he was shocked that Mr Brewer was voted in again.

“Just because you have a disability does not mean you are a drain, you can do just as much you just find a different way of doing it,” he said.

A demonstration was set to take place at County Hall on Wednesday May 8 for people angry that Mr Brewer had been re-elected.
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