The revolution will be fashionable. Pin, stitch or iron these onto your jacket, tote bag or rucksack to add some sass and style to your standard ensemble. We’ve trawled Etsy to find you the finest in handmade, non-mass produced accessories for even the most discerning of tastes.

Cripplepunk patches by NerdyKeppie

Picture of three patches, each of which say "cripplepunk" in thick capital letters

Price: From £11.66
Available in ten colours and four different patterns

Invisible Illness badge by Colouryourlifeclub

A denim jacket with a bright yellow badge on it. The badge reads "I have an invisible illness".

Price: £1

Not Your Inspiration badge by Doodlebethshop

Two badges on a white background which each say "not your inspiration". The left is a glittery rainbow, while the right is glittery green, blue and purple.

Price: £1.50
Available in two colours

Crossed Crutches pin by Inkysloth

Two crossed crutches over a blue star.

Price: £4.50

Cats Against Ableism badge by AiwsArt

Three black and white badges on a checked black and white backdrop. They each feature a drawing of a cat and read "cats against ableism".

Price: £1.87

I’ve Tried It badge by Doodlepeople

A hand holding a badge which has bold black text, which reads "I've tried it"

Price: £1.90

Chronically Ch(ill) patch by FeverDreamBoutique

A heart shaped patch featuring the words "chronically chill"

Price: From £4.96
Available in two colours

Spoonie pin by JulianGrayArt

A hand holding a card, upon which there is an oval badge. It has three spoons on it, and a ribbon overlaid which reads "spoony"

Price: £7.50

Every Time I Move My Wheels I Start a Revolution patch by NerdyKeppie

A round black patch with a wheelchair user in the centre. Around it, the text reads "when I move my wheels I start a revolution"

Price: From £11.66
Available in nine colours

Mix and Match Disablies Pin Set by Disablies

A grid of twelve animal pins, each of whom have a different injury or disability

Price: £41.34

Set of Four Disability Enamel Pins by misstheabella

A set of four badges. Clockwise from top left, they say: #disabledandcute, babe with a mobility aid, an image of a wheelchair user, and an image of a spoon

Price: £25

Hello, I am not trapped in my wheelchair badge by Doodlepeople

A badge on a background of sequins. It is blue and features a badge which traditionally tells people their names. This one reads "Hello I am not "trapped" in my wheelchair"

Price: From £2.65
Available in an assortment of shapes and sizes


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