Vikki Howells AM has argued that all children’s playparks should, by law, include equipment for disabled children to play on.

The Labour AM yesterday proposed the Inclusive Play Bill to the Welsh Assembly, hoping that the bill “would improve opportunities for children with disabilities to enjoy similar play experiences to their peer,” she said in a tweet.

Howells said: “In 2010, Wales was the first country in the world to legislative for children’s play, although the law that was passed did not include any specific provisions relating to accessible playground provision.

Copyright: Vikki Howells

“Since then, I have seen many good examples of local authorities putting in place measures to ensure their play areas are inclusive, such as the work carried out by RCT in Cilfynydd.

“However, there is still an insufficiency of opportunities for disabled children and young people to play safely, securely and with their needs being met.

“My proposal would address this, and I hope AMs support my motion.”

Her proposal has been supported by disability rights campaigner and founder of Accessible News, Richard Jones:

“Growing up with a disability I am all too aware of the dilemma my parents faced between letting me experience the things non-disabled children did and keeping me safe.

“Vikki’s plans for an Inclusive Play bill would allow children to be children experiencing the thrills of play in a controlled and safe way”.