The inspirational speaker, vlogger and activist Claire Wineland, who spoke on her experiences living with cystic fibrosis, has died aged 21.

Claire was a well-known activist on social media, who campaigned to change the way people see chronic illnesses like cystic fibrosis while also confronting subjects like her own mortality.

As well as writing a book on her experience living with cystic fibrosis, she was well known for her appearances at multiple TED Talks. She also started her own charitable foundation, Claire’s Place, which helped provide funding to American families which would pay for not only treatments for cystic fibrosis, but allow families to take extended leave to stay in hospital with whoever is receiving treatment.

Claire underwent a double lung transplant on August 26, which was successful, however she unfortunately suffered a stroke, which resulted in her being placed into a medically-induced coma. On September 2, it was decided by the family that the machine would be turned off, and Claire died peacefully in her sleep.

A post from her charity confirmed her passing: “Last night at 6:00pm, Claire Wineland our inspirational founder passed away. She was not in any pain and the medical staff said it was the most peaceful passing they had ever witnessed.

“She was surrounded by love and with her mother Melissa Yeager and father John Wineland; they saw her into this world for her first breath and were with her for her last.

“In Claire fashion, she is an organ donor. Claire’s remarkable family were so happy for the other families that were now getting the calls that the organ they had long been waiting for was now available for transplant. They had been on the receiving end of that call just one short week ago.

“We know Claire was loved all over the world. Your prayers, support and encouraging words, have been a huge source of strength for her and her family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your massive amazing out pouring of love.

“In the words of our precious founder Claire Wineland: ‘Death is Inevitable. Living a life we can be proud of is something we can control.’

“You sure made the whole world proud of you Claire!”

Image: Facebook/Larissa Perroux

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