12-year-old Daniel Jillings has set up a campgain to have British Sign Language (BSL) included in schools as a GCSE subject.

Daniel, who is deaf, wants to give himself and others the chance to take BSL as a GCSE – perhaps someone who lipreads would like to be able to sign, or maybe a hearing person just has an interest in learning.

Daniel is campaigning to raise the £4000 required for a lawyer to take his case, which they require to take the case to court. Lawyers who Daniel and his family have spoken to feels that the inability for Deaf children to learn a foreign language due to the GCSE requiring them to both speak and listen to the language, and the lack of a BSL GCSE, is tantamount to discrimination per the Equality Act 2010. It also breaches the Human Rights Act 1998 and represents a failure by the Secretary of State to regard the welfare of disabled children.

While the government have agreed to consider a BSL GCSE, the introduction of the course is not definite, and is at least four years away from being introduced, which Daniel does not think is fair on him and other Deaf children.

Daniel has currently amassed £3,339 of his £4000 target, with seven days remaining in his crowdfunding campaign. Click here to donate.

Image: Daveynin/Flickr

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