Sunday , 30 April 2017
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It’s Officially Access Day 2017 – We want to hear from you!

#AccessDay 2017 is officially underway, starting today until 12 March.  Disabled Access Day is a day for all to celebrate good access and create opportunities for people to try something new. The day highlights the fantastic access that already exists in places, such as touch tours, relaxed performances, sensory experiences, level access and of course a warm welcome! Many businesses, companies ... Read More »

Spring Budget 2017: Another Budget, Another Cut

As the Chancellor Phillip Hammond prepared to announce his budget, people with disabilities up and down the country nervously awaited the bad news they have sadly become oh so used to. For many, it seemed that the hopes that their rights would be protected were slim – and they weren’t wrong. Hammond claimed he was prepared to do whatever it ... Read More »

The end of the world as we know it

This morning I am saddened and shocked as I wake up to a world where Donald Trump has been democratically voted in as the President of America. In my eyes, this is a massive fail for humanity as a whole and I am genuinely worried for the future. I am not an American political expert, but from following the election ... Read More »

Stop Saying ‘The Disabled’

This last week has brought to my attention that there are many journalists currently reporting on the Budget and the ‘u-turn’ on the cuts to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and while many of them are articulate enough to use the correct language when talking about disabled people – I am sad to say that many are not. I have ... Read More »

Latest Cuts – Get Your Voice Heard

So, here we go again. Wednesday’s budget brought to light that more cuts were on the horizon for disabled people. An estimated £1.3bn is going to be cut, affecting about 640,000 people across the country. The Guardian has reported that 200,000 people will be removed from the Personal Independence Payments (PIP) system altogether and further 400,000 will have their benefits ... Read More »

Happy Pancake Day!

Here at PosAbility, we are all about our food, whether it be going out to a fancy dinner, or stuffing our faces with one of our staff’s latest homebakes. So, it is only logical that one of our favourite days of the year would be Pancake Tuesday. The day before you take the plunge and give up something you’ll struggle ... Read More »

Just Keep Running!

With summer hesitant on the horizon, the time for epic charity runs and marathons is close at hand. Now is the time that most ardent jogging veterans begin their arduous training for such events. However, these fun run enthusiasts can expect many newcomers, as runs have grown exponentially in popularity for the last decade. One newcomer is Grant Halliday from ... Read More »

Review Your Wheelchair Service

I just came across a site called It is a healthcare review site that encourages patients to review doctors, dentists, wheelchair services, hospices, clinics and many more. It is essentially a ‘TripAdvisor’ for the healthcare community and allows you, as a patient, to find out what other people have thought of the clinic/service you are looking to attend. Independent reviews ... Read More »

The real story of Alzheimer’s

I came across this story today, an open letter from a grand daughter describing how Alzheimer’s disease has affected her grandmother. She talks of the realities of the disease, for which there is no known cure, and explains that it is so much more then simply someone forgetting a name or not recognising a family member. Her honest letter really ... Read More »

Beauty shouldn’t end with a diagnosis

Cancer. This simple six-letter word has so much power.  It has the strength to steal hopes and dreams and replace them with dread and despair. It strikes a sickening fear into the hearts of those who hear it, for the straightforward reason that it forces us to stare into the face of our own bleak mortality. When you hear that ... Read More »

Helping heroes over Christmas

No, it’s not a sith lord from the new Star Wars film… It’s me enjoying a cuppa in my Help for Heroes mug, in my Help for Heroes dressing gown. My family are very much military orientated with careers and such. My sister never leaves for work without her Help for Heroes lunch bag and my dad with his socks ... Read More »

Kidz events invaluable

On Thursday this week (19th Nov) I will be attending the Kidz Up North event in Manchester to hand out PosAbility Magazine and meet families who are seeking products, information and advice. I have attended this event for the last 8 years (except 2013 when I was on maternity leave) and it has been great to see it grow every ... Read More »