ep_simon_lord_3EMpowered people is a unique charity that offers help and support to enable all adults with disabilities and from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, race or level of ability, to improve their health and wellbeing through cycling. They are looking for disabled cyclists to join them on their upcoming Tour of Anglesey.

EMpowered people’s  Tour of Anglesey has an option of a two and four day ride over 14th – 17th May 2015. The four day event will see the cyclist leave the North West of England and head through Cheshire before joining the North Wales Coastal road and heading for Cymyran Bay, Anglesey over a distance of 200 miles. The two day event (16th & 17th) will see the riders take on a more sedate pace as they cycle around some of the most spectacular sites the Island has to offer. The two day event will start and finish from Cymyran Bay riding with the other group of riders and travel in a North East direction before heading towards the centre of the Island and passing through the beautiful Dingle Pass, the second day will see the route follow the coast from Holyhead before returning back to Cymyran Bay. Mileage for both days is between 40 and 80 miles. The ride is designed to allow all our cyclist to achieve their own goals and feel that they have accomplished an incredible feat. The Tour of Anglesey is a fully supported event.

For more information email empoweredpeople@btconnect.com or visit www.empoweredpeople.co.uk.