BandFinished·         UK adults spend almost the equivalent of a working day1 on their own in a typical week
·         50-69 year olds and Londoners spend the most time on their own in the UK
·         World’s first continuously monitoring personal alert system seeks Kickstarter support to help people who feel vulnerable when on their own

Brits are progressively spending more time by themselves. In the last census 7.6m people were recorded as living alone: by 2031, this figure is expected to top 10.9m. A survey of UK adults by Acticheck, creators of the Assure, a ‘Fit & Forget’ smartband, has revealed UK adults spend a quarter of each weekday completely on their own. Those aged between 50-69 and those living in London spend the most time on their own (both spend an average of 7 hours alone each weekday). But the UK’s living situation isn’t the only cause; more than 6m people work alone or in isolation and solo sports like cycling (43% of people now own a bike2) are increasingly popular. While ‘me-time’ has psychological benefits it is also increases the nation’s personal risk factor.

Acticheck Infographic_final jpegWhat happens if a person suffers a fall while on their own? Receiving assistance immediately after an immobilising fall improves the chance of survival by 80%3 yet most alarms rely on the wearer pushing a button (impossible if the wearer is incapacitated). The founders of Acticheck have the solution to help give peace of mind; the Assure: the world’s first continuously monitoring personal alert system.  The band launched today (Tues 27th Jan, 2015) on Kickstarter, to help raise the final funds to develop the much-needed accompanying app to enable them to take the Acticheck Assure system out of the home and potentially save lives.

 Kickstarter backers can benefit from a range of rewards. While backers offering £100 will get the product before it goes on general release, those feeling a little wicked can spend £750 and challenge the founders to do ANYTHING they want – as long as it’s legal! Evidence of their actions – no matter how embarrassing – will be delivered in video format.

 Due to its ground-breaking battery management technology, the Assure has a two year battery life and never needs recharging. It’s also waterproof and shockproof so the sleek, attractive band can be worn at all times – even in the shower.

 How it works:

·         Continuously monitors the wearer, granting them complete independence. The band sends a pro-active alert to nominated persons in the event of an accident or health concern

·         Features a mix of reactive and proactive trigger types, unlike comparative technologies

·         Keeps track on the wearer’s location using the GPS functionality of a smartphone. Should they experience an accident while out alone, they can be found and given help, fast

Acticheck’s founder, Karl Gibbs, says: “We were keen to help people celebrate their independence by providing a technology that, unlike pendant alarms for example, can be used anywhere at anytime, in the home or outdoors. What we’ve done is create a wearable technology, suitable for anyone, that breaks boundaries in terms of battery life, alert functionality and usability – we’re hoping the Kickstarter community loves it as much as we do.”

To be one of the first to get your hands on the Acticheck Assure and support the development of this potentially life-saving technology visit our KICKSTARTER PAGE