NUkDbLnkfrEIVQs-556x313-noPadMencap has joined a national chorus of groups and individuals calling for the councillor who said disabled children to be put down to resign. 

Collin Brewer, who has already resigned once, and was re-elected, has found himself in the spotlight again after being accused of likening disabled children to deformed lambs who would be “smashed against a wall”.

A spokesman for Mencap said press reports in which Collin Brewer is quoted as likening children with disabilities to deformed lambs and saying that they should be culled, and that the cost of caring for them could be spent on the provision of public toilets are, if true, “scandalous in a publicly elected officer”.

Adding he seems to be “determined to be astounding and outrageous”.

Mencap spokeperson Emma Harrison said: “We have been contacted by a number of people who share our disgust and who are asking us to take action.

“In an attempt to give him the opportunity to apologise, or correct these comments Mencap has tried, on a number of occasions, to contact Mr Brewer. We have had no success as we have been told he has been on sick leave and his email doesn’t work.

“We have asked him what he means by these insulting, demeaning and disgusting comments, and whether he intends to meet local groups representing disabled people to reassure them.

“Mencap is reluctant to give him further publicity but we now join the thousands of people who have contributed to an online petition calling for his resignation, as soon as possible.”

He has yet to make any statement on the issue.

A petition calling for him to resign is online here. 

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