mencap-logoLearning disability charity Mencap has responded to the sentencing of two care assistants, who have been jailed for the mistreatment of severely disabled patients in their care at the Solar Centre in Doncaster. 

“The sentences handed down today mark the end of a 6-year fight for justice by the victims and their families, exposing shocking abuse of people with a learning disability.

However, this case raises serious questions about why the abuse went unreported for so long, and why it was so delayed in coming to court. Lessons must be learnt from this and all agencies involved need to address what went wrong to make sure vulnerable people are not let down again.

Too often, hate crime and abuse against people with a learning disability goes unreported or ignored and never makes it to court. This case, and the sentencing of the eleven care workers at Winterbourne View last year, shows that society will not tolerate these crimes and that abusers will be brought to justice.”