lisaLisa Mitchell

Lisa the resident film buff in the 2A Publishing office. She’s a walking IMDb, name a film and assume she’s seen it. The ‘Potterhead’ is also a massive bookworm and Instagrammer, she is always snapping away with one of her many cameras, usually capturing pictures of her adorable ginger kitten, Colt. On the rare occasion she isn’t on Reddit, she takes great care of her several office cacti.

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Colette Carr

Colette is 2A Publishing’s biggest sports fan, focussing mainly on ‘the beautiful game’. When she isn’t pitch side at local and national matches, she can be found fulfilling her need to laugh with the latest comedy or contently scrolling for videos of dogs. An avid volunteer at her local branch of disabled children’s club, Ozanam, she also enjoys the occasional deep-fried pizza and is always keen to explore new experiences in locations at home or abroad.

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Niki Tennant

Niki is our fabulous new acting editor. She is rarely without a mug of herbal tea, making the whole office jealous as she brews it. If she isn’t soaking up the sun abroad, on Saturdays you will find her scouring Dunelm for the latest deals and trends. The resident fashionista is doting mother to Moses (cat) and Marcus (human) and is hardly out of the kitchen, creating mouth-watering dishes that would make any Michelin-star chef sick with envy.

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Sophie Scott

Sophie is our social media and marketing guru. The amazingly family-centric gym bunny is always donned in a fashionable scarf and beautiful jewellery. Her pride and joy, a lovable golden retriever that goes by the name of Yogi, is always the main culprit of all her home-life shenanigans. The extraordinary baker is always on hand to make colossal cakes every time and office birthday rolls around. A staff night out is incomplete without a picture from this selfie queen, vodka in hand.

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Stephen Flanagan

Stephen is our digital plastic surgeon, making every aspect of 2A Publishing stylish and modern. He has a bizarre fascination with volcano-lightning storms and he is always jetting off to new and exotic places. Always sporting a new pair of shoes or trainers, he is our tech-savvy genius, constantly keeping up-to-date with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. He is somewhat of a curry connoisseur and maintains that you can’t beat a quality episode of ‘Catfish’.

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Valerie Speers

Val (aka Valdo) embodies all things sales. Speaking at 100mph trying to break that all important deal, she has a very calm home life in contrast. Her life revolves around her two dogs, Buddy and Peggy, and cat, Yoda. Forever, on a shopping spree, she loves a bargain and can never say no to the right item at the right price. She loves walking with her furry children and husband, Ian, especially at her beloved caravan in the beautiful countryside of Aberfoyle. Always eager to help anyone she can with any problem they have, this cheeky chappess could sell ice to the Eskimos.

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ros_tullochRos has recently welcomed a new edition to her family and will return later in the year.

Rosalind Tulloch

Editor Ros is proof you can have it all, a brilliant career, a lovely family and beautiful too (we promise she didn’t write this herself!). A love of good healthy food (especially using her spiralizer!) doesn’t stop tea-jenny Ros, who is never without a cup in her hand and a Tunnocks tea cake to boot. She is rarely spotted without a fabulous pair of sassy high heels and a fashionable handbag.

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