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Brickhouse Farm Cottages

Stand: 13204

We have 12 accessible cottages facing a private fishing lake within acres of stunning countryside. All of our self-catering holiday cottages are wheelchair friendly with level access throughout the ground floor and patios. Many disability aids are available including ceiling track hoists from the accessible bedrooms into the wet rooms and from the garden into a private hot tub. Three cottages have their own accessible balcony over the fishing lake.

Our accommodation is accessible because our youngest daughter was involved in an accident, which left her with disabilities. When she came out of hospital we had to adapt our house to cater for her needs; ramps, level floor access and a large wet room to make things easier for all of us. We received such amazing support from our community that in time we felt we wanted to give something back and since speaking with so many families in similar situations to ourselves, all of which struggled to find holiday accommodation with adequate adaptations, we decided to try to make a difference. On Christmas Day 2012, we started to build cottages on Brickhouse Farm, on a site, which was previously used to keep chickens on. Then, after 6 intense months of extremely hard labour we opened Brickhouse Farm Cottages! Knowing ourselves how hard it can be to find somewhere to fit the needs of all abilities we wanted to build a place where anybody can enjoy a holiday that is home from home, somewhere that doesn’t feel like a hospital. We believe that anyone should be able to have a holiday.

Over the years we have become aware that there is one therapy that can offer rehabilitation and conditioning to an enormous range of conditions, this is hydrotherapy. We were already aware of this beneficial therapy as we travelled many miles for our daughter to attend a limited number of short sessions during her early stages of rehabilitation.  Although hydrotherapy is hugely beneficial it is rarely available, patients having to travel for limited treatment. Our accessible hot tubs have been a ‘taster’ for hydrotherapy benefits.  Visitors can be buoyant, without rigid constraints, and this has had physical and physiological benefits and to spend that freedom with family and friends has been euphoric.  These factors together with knowing many visitors and therapist who have enquired about this therapy and also knowing that our able bodied visitors can also enjoy the pool have made us determined to provide the facility. We currently have a hydrotherapy pool at Brickhouse Farm House, which we can be hired out for a private use of just £35 per hour.

Wyre Council have also approved planning permission for us to build a hydrotherapy pool, together with a meeting area and café again surrounding the Brickhouse Farm Fishing Lake alongside the Cottages. The meeting area will provide a welcoming, sheltered environment and a hub for information or indeed a place to relax, enjoy a cup of tea, a plate of tasty, wholesome hot pot and a chat.