Friday , 28 April 2017
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Turning over a new leaf for dementia care

A care home in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, has signed up to an innovative project that aims to further widen knowledge and understanding of dementia. The ‘Pledge Tree’, a creative work of art at the reception of Bupa’s Hatton Lea Care Home, aims to encourage staff, carers and family members to write down their thoughts and feelings – or pledges – on ... Read More »

Indoor garden is blooming marvellous addition to care home

A Glasgow Care Home is offering its residents the chance to get ‘in-and-about’ with the creation of its very own indoor garden. Bupa’s Wyndford Locks Care Home on Currie Street has converted a previously under-used space into a relaxing and comfortable garden environment, complete with an astro-turf hedge, sky blue ceiling with painted clouds, garden furniture and stonework wallpaper to ... Read More »

Older patients and families forced to pay ‘dementia tax’, says UK charity

Hundreds of thousands of older people and their families are being forced to pay a “dementia tax” if they are struck down by the condition, a leading UK charity has warned. People with dementia are having to fork out for care while people with other long-term conditions are being looked after by the state, the Alzheimer’s Society said. Sufferers and ... Read More »

Hero dies penniless paying for his care

A retired RAF officer died virtually penniless after his  family was forced to sell his home to pay for his dementia care.  Wing Commander Geoff Beckett had served his country all his life. But when his health deteriorated, his bravery counted for nothing –  because he owned his house.  Under rules which punish thousands of responsible pensioners every year,  he ... Read More »