Friday , 28 April 2017
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“It is simply no longer possible to be disabled and a Tory”

Conservative disability activist Graeme Ellis was so enraged by last Wednesday’s budget that he immediately sabotaged the Conservative Disability Group website he ran, and resigned from the party. Now, he’s joining the Labour party. “Graeme Ellis is a 59 year old disability rights adviser from Lancaster, who has used a wheelchair for the past seven years because of diabetes-related nerve damage. “Ellis ... Read More »

Response from Contact a Family to government confirmation it is abandoning cuts to PIP

Contact a Family responds to government confirmation it is abandoning cuts to Personal Independence Payment (PIP).   Yesterday the new Minister for Works and Pensions Stephen Crabb, confirmed that the government no longer plans to go ahead with changes to the Personal Independence Payment aids and appliances rules announced in the run-up to last week’s budget. This proposal would adversely ... Read More »

Sense welcomes Government U-turn on disability cuts

National deafblind charity responds to news that Government plans to halt reforms to Personal Independence Payment National deafblind charity, Sense, welcomes the news that the Government has listened to the concerns of parliamentarians and the public about the fairness of the Budget and the potential impact of Personal Independence Payment [PIP] cuts, by halting the progression of reforms to this ... Read More »

Sense responds to the government’s decision to reform the way eligibility for PIP is assessed

Government announces additional cuts of 1.2billion for disabled people on the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) National deafblind charity Sense has responded to the government announcement that it will push forward with plans to change the eligibility criteria for people applying to receive the Personal Independence Payment. Under the proposed changes, people who qualify for the benefit due to their use ... Read More »

Taxing disability benefits is not a ‘welfare saving’, it’s a deeply unfair cut

Frances Ryan writes in the Guardian about the proposal for unfair cuts and taxing disability benefits. She reminds readers of the effect that this tax will have on those who rely on disability benefits and even now struggle to feed themselves, what would happen if the lifeline that they are entitled to in this welfare state was cut? Read more ... Read More »

Benefits delay forced disabled people to use food banks

Two disabled people have taken their cases to the High Court following a nine month wait for their personal independent payments from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The claimants have said that they had to use food banks and struggled to pay for fuel and as a result their health declined. Lawyers have argued that they were entitled ... Read More »

Marathon-running postman claimed £24k of Disability Living Allowance, court hears

A MARATHON-running postman who claimed nearly £24,000 of Disability Living Allowance, saying he was in pain whenever he moved, has been spared an immediate jail term. Sam Dixon claimed his skin condition psoriasis was so severe that it left him unable to move about. But within a year of making the claim the 30-year-old had got a job with the ... Read More »

Thousands could lose disability benefits, Scottish government claims

More than 100,000 people in Scotland will lose disability benefits under UK-wide welfare changes, according to the Scottish government. Scottish ministers said the personal independence payment, which replaces disability living allowance, would result in thousands losing benefits. Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the cuts were “simply wrong”. The UK government has said the new system would target help at ... Read More »