THIS is the incredible moment a teenage lad skateboards up a half-pipe – despite him being BLIND.

Courageous Tommy Carroll, 16, has had a passion for skateboarding since he was ten years old – and blind since he was two.

The student wakes up early and hits the skate park to practise his tricks when there is no one around.

Amazingly, he uses the sound of his skateboard to check what obstacles lay ahead.

Tommy, from Chicago in the US, said: “I was totally blind at the age of two with bi-lateral retinoblastoma, which is cancer of the retinas.

“Since it was caught late I was left blind by the age of two.

“It was just something to do as a hobby I could do by myself – not a lot of sports are individual and it’s not like I can just go out and play football.”

“Falling is a skill you get good at just the same as getting good at the sport itself.”

Describing blind skateboarding as “one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you’ll ever experience”, Tommy is now attracting the attention of such skateboarding legends as Tony Hawk.

He added: “Anywhere I go in skateboarding, all what I do is based on sound.

“I’m constantly using the sound of my wheels to check if there is anything in my way and get my sense of direction.

“For me protective gear is the difference between being absolutely terrified while skateboarding and being completely confident.

“I feel that I can push myself to the next level when I am protected. I can try big tricks and not worry about getting hurt.”

The Sun