The LokoHelp

The charity that captured the hearts and minds of scores of Londoners with the campaign to open a specialised physiotherapy centre in Bromley for children with cerebral palsy and mobility problems, opened its doors in 2015. The centre is one of a handful of independent UK therapy centres offering specialist equipment and therapeutic exercises, supporting disabled children from all over London and the South-east.

Yesterday  it launched a drive to raise £55,000 for a “game-changing” piece of equipment called a LokoHelp gait-trainer. The LokoHelp looks like a sophisticated treadmill – the child is suspended from a harness, and their legs enclosed in robotic boots, on top of the conveyor belt.

It does the work of two physiotherapists – holding the child’s legs in an upright position to enable the children to walk in the correct walking pattern, to build their muscles.

Colin Clifford, Senior Physiotherapist at Freddie Farmer Foundation, said:

“The benefits of the LokoHelp, through intensive sessions, includes building up the leg muscles, improves the walking gait and helps to rebuild the neural pathways for walking,

“Over 90% of our children are already benefiting tremendously from this machine.”


The Freddie Farmer Foundation charity has one on a 12-month repayment plan, but they’ll have to raise £55,000 by the end of the year to keep it.

To find out more, please visit the charity’s campaign website, http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/LokoHelp

For further information about the Freddie Farmer Foundation please contact charity officer Karen Smith on 020 8313 3707, email karen@freddiefarmerfoundation.org.uk or visit the website www.freddiefarmerfoundation.org.uk