In 2015 Nathalie McGloin became the first woman with a spinal cord injury to be granted a racing license in the UK. One of her many insightful reflections on life is that “anything is possible”. Her story inspires us at Permobil, and we are proud to announce that Nathalie, a TiLite user for many years, will be our ambassador for the manual wheelchair brand.

Nathalie trains and competes at the highest level – this means that her main competitors are non-disabled men. Apart from pursuing a successful career as a racing driver, Nathalie started Spinal Track, a charity dedicated to giving free Track Days and Rally Experiences to disabled drivers, with adapted cars developed by racers who understand the wants and needs of disabled car enthusiasts. Her passion for the sport and involvement in helping disabled drivers has led to her appointment as President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission.

“At Permobil we are passionate about the needs of each individual user and we are always looking at how we can make sure people living with disabilities have access to the best technology available. As a long time user of TiLite wheelchairs, Nathalie knows what a difference the right product can make to a person’s quality of life, so we are very excited that Nathalie can help us bring that message to a wider audience,” says Gordon Cunningham, general manager Permobil UK & Ireland.


Nathalie McGloin presenting an award on stage at FIA Prize Giving 2019

Nathalie was excited to get involved with the Permobil brand, she commented: “When I was asked to become a Permobil ambassador, I was so excited at the opportunity and said yes straight away. I’ve been injured for 20 years as a result of a car crash and for the majority of my life as a wheelchair user, I’ve used a TiLite. I am a converted TiLite user, having had my first one whilst I was at university, but once I’d had a TiLite, I’ve never been back to another brand. Living with a spinal cord injury isn’t always easy so having a wheelchair that is reliable and maximises your independence is so important. I’ve always been passionate about TiLite as a brand and therefore my endorsement of Permobil products is genuine and organic. Having recently been introduced to the European Permobil family, I’m very proud to have become part of a great team and I can’t wait to start working with the company who creates products that allow me to live my life to the fullest.”

See Nathalie’s story here: https://youtu.be/7vEpXSo9DS4 and at www.nathaliemcgloin.com

For more information about Permobil, please email Gordon.Cunningham@permobil.com or call 07919 407336.

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