Two year old Isaac

Two year old Isaac

2-year-old Isaac has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, he cannot stand, walk or sit without support, so his mum Louise joined The Tree of Hope Charity for support. This charity offers hope to families of sick and disabled children in the UK and Ireland that require specialist medical treatment, surgery, therapy and equipment.

Through this charity Isaac was able to get the JLL D100 folding treadmill from JLL Fitness, which Louise was very pleased with. Louise said: “We have fund-raised through the Tree of Hope Children’s charity to pay for an operation in the USA called selective dorsal rhizotomy which will take away his spasticity and enable him to live an easier pain free life, and give him his only chance of being able to walk”.

Spastic diplegia is one of nine different forms of cerebral palsy, it is a neurological condition that is caused by problems in the brain and nervous system. Muscle stiffness and weakness and random uncontrolled body movements are all symptoms of cerebral palsy.

Selective dorsal rhizotomy is an operation that is undertaken to improve muscle stiffness and mobility for people who have cerebral palsy.

Louise went on to say: “We have also raised funds with the Tree of Hope to pay for rehabilitation equipment like the JLL D100 which starts at a really low setting and is very reasonably priced. We have used a charity called Remap who have designed and made a bar to add onto the treadmill as Isaac is only small”.

Remap is a charity who custom-make equipment to help people with disabilities live more independent lives.

Louise then said: “After Isaac undertakes surgery in September he will require intense physiotherapy 5 days a week to get the best out of the operation, so it was important for me to have everything he needs ready for when we return back home from the USA, and the staff at JLL were extremely helpful in choosing the right treadmill. The staff were more than happy to send the invoice to the Tree of Hope charity, making the whole order process very smooth”.

This shows that the right charity and equipment can make a huge difference for somebody with cerebral palsy.