American Eagle lingerie brand Aerie quietly released some new images on their website this week that feature a whole range of women with various disabilities and illnesses, and social media has gone wild for them, relishing an inclusive underwear campaign.

The models featured in product shots for the American brand’s website have a range of illnesses and disabilities, which include type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, a woman using crutches and another with an ostomy bag.

Abby Sams, one of the models featured in the inclusive underwear campaign, tweeted that she’d noticed Aerie released the images, saying “look at this disability representation people! Also look at me because I can’t believe it’s actually me.”


Twitter users are absolutely loving the new campaign, with Ev Mac replying to Abby to say this was the first time she’d ever seen herself represented in a model:

Another, Its Saco, said that the ad is amazing and the photos are beautiful:

This isn’t the first time Aerie has launched an inclusive campaign, with their website regularly featuring models from a wide range of racial backgrounds and body types, publishing untouched photos of their models to celebrate and empower women. They also promote the hashtag #AerieREAL on social media, which highlights a huge variety of people wearing their products. The inclusive underwear campaign has clearly gone down a storm.

See the full collection on Aerie’s website.

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