A BRAVE amputee has created the world’s first prosthetic leg made entirely from LEGO.  Christina Stevens lost her foot after a freak accident and only set to making the attachment after a joke suggestion from a work colleague.

The 31-year-old from Missouri, US, has since become an internet sensation after making a video of herself completing the project.

She said: “It only took me about two hours to make the Lego leg, but I filmed it over two days.

“People mostly seem to think the Lego leg is awesome and they love how creative I have been with my situation, having had to lose my foot to an accident.”

After just a fortnight on video-sharing website YouTube, her unusual film has been viewed a million times.

Miss Stevens made the difficult decision to have her foot amputated in February this year.

She said: “I was changing the brakes on my car when it fell off the jack-stands and landed on my foot. It broke eight bones in my foot, tore a bunch of tendons, caused nerve and vascular damage.

“The surgeons wanted to save my foot with a partial amputation and several surgeries, but I elected to have an amputation because I knew a prosthetic foot would be more functional.”

Miss Stevens is now working as an occupational therapist helping others who have suffered similar traumas to get back to work.

She said: “I think being an amputee will make me a better therapist. I can show that I know what it’s like to have limited mobility and the people I help and I will be more like peers.”