A 20-year-old from Cardiff whose artwork helps control his Asperger’s Syndrome has become an online hit.

Chris Baker started drawing after leaving school aged 14, and has begun displaying his work at exhibitions across the UK.

His mother Sam Baker, 42, said Chris’ life has “transformed” since he discovered his passion for drawing.

His work will be on display at the Royal Arcade in Cardiff until the end of September.

Ms Baker, who has two other children, said Mr Baker was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was seven.

“With the three boys growing up together, I could see that he was not doing the same things as his brothers and not reaching the same milestones,” she said.

“He was just quite insular, and regimented. Everything had to happen in an order and if it didn’t he would have fits, crying, kicking out.”

But Mr Baker turned a corner when he was 14.

“He just decided ‘I’m going to teach myself to draw’,” said Ms Baker.

“We registered him as self-employed, did exhibitions here and there, comic conventions, and the reaction was incredible.”

And when Mr Baker’s work was shared online, his mother said the reaction on forums and social media was “unbelievable”.

“Chris idolises Michael Jackson and has drawn him from different points in his career, and I’ve found Michael Jackson forums where people are sharing his work.

“When I type his name, Chris Baker, into Google now it auto-completes to find ‘Chris Baker Asperger’s artist’,” she said.

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