Tom Stokes was given special access to his favourite rollercoaster at Thorpe Park by kindhearted staff as he currently isn’t tall enough to ride it.

The 12-year-old, who has autism, lives near Surrey is a regular visitor to the park that’s only 20 minutes away from his home, and has visited up to 100 times a year, according to the Metro.

Tom is desperate to ride Saw: The Ride, but with a 1.4m height restriction, he’s not tall enough to go on it. Despite this, he’s been measuring himself every day to see if he’s finally tall enough to experience the thrilling 100ft drop of the rollercoaster for himself.

Staff at Thorpe Park invited Tom and his parents to Thorpe Park 30 minutes before it opened, and while he still isn’t tall enough to ride Saw, he was allowed to watch the test carts zoom round on their first ride of the day.

His dad Daniel told the Metro how much he enjoyed his special trip to the park: “Tom wants to be a rollercoaster engineer when he is older, and he was chatting to the ride operator who told him how fast they go and how tall the ride is.

“He’s normally quite shy, but when we got home you couldn’t stop him talking about it.”

He continued: “When he is watching the rollercoasters as they go up and then go over the top, you can tell he is really enjoying it from the look in his eyes.

“His autism is very sensory and when stands there watching the ride, it seems he can feel it as if he is on it.”

The park have promised Tom that as soon as he’s tall enough to ride Saw, he’ll be the first rider of the day when the park opens.

Operations director Neil Poulter told the Metro: “As soon as he reaches this milestone, we’d love to have him back here at Thorpe Park Resort to be the first rider of the day, so he can finally enjoy the rollercoaster he’s admired for so long.”


Image: Wikimedia/Phillip Perry


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