6927072118_77e3594e05_oBBC News disability correspondent, Nikki Fox, has unveiled the figures behind the results of the government’s welfare changes.

Until recently, if you were receiving the highest rate of ‘mobility component’ of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) (£57.45 per week) you were eligible for a vehicle through the Motability Scheme – the government-funded mobility allowance. The DLA saw applicants fill in their own forms and once they were entered into the scheme they were not reassessed.

However, the introduction of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which was brought in in April 2013 to replace the DLA, sees all claimants, new and existing, having to undergo a face-to-face assessment by private, government-hired companies who will rate people’s eligibility of the mobility component on a scoring system, with only people achieving 12 points or more being eligible for support.

So far 31,200 people who were already in receipt of the highest rate ‘mobility component’ of DLA have been reassessed and 45% of these people have had their Motability vehicle taken away from them.

The government has stated that this assessment process is fairer and there is a way to appeal the decision. However, in light of several negative stories, it seems they are not getting it right every time and as a result are taking away people’s independence and freedom.

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