Capturebbc the a wordThe A Word is the latest TV programme to broadcast autism. It’s a highly watchable drama written by Peter Bowker about a family coming to terms with five-year-old Joe’s autism. It features more than just autism, it tackles love, lust, family, relationships and rivalries. The A Word is set against the beautiful scenery of the Lake District and plays out to a popular indie soundtrack.

Music is very central to the storyline – because it’s Joe’s thing. Joe knows the words, date of release and writer of every song his father has ever listened to.

The A Word highlights Joe’s autistic tendencies showing him being isolated from his own birthday party, not being invited to other children’s parties, getting funny looks from parents who think he is spoilt and rude, tantrums and frothing furies, running away, feral violence, and family and friends asking about a cure.

The A Word captures the frustrations of Joe and his family beautifully. Catch the first episode now on BBC iPlayer 

Next episode Tuedsay 9pm on BBC One.