A Melrose Retirement Housing Development has raised a total of £600 to make a donation to the local health service.

Bield’s Priorwood Court successfully raised the total to fund the purchase of a Doppler machine for the area’s District Nurses.

Working closely with the District Nurses, and seeing the valuable service that they provide for the community on a daily basis, Bield’s staff and tenants were inspired to find a way find a way to give back to the local community.

Margaret Mason, Manager at Priorwood Court, said: “Everybody is just delighted to give back to a community that serves us so well.

“We work very closely with the District Nurses and appreciate the fantastic job they do so we were eager to help out.

“Working together to raise the money has been so much fun for the tenants here – it’s been hugely rewarding.”

The group of tenants made private donations as well as holding raffles and jumble sales, to reach their target.

Pauline McGinn, District Nurse at NHS Borders, said: “We are so pleased to be gifted this handheld Doppler Machine, it will make a real difference to us and our patients.

“We want to express our gratitude to the tenants of Priorwood Court for the effort they have put in to raising the money to make this possible.”

The machine, which is used to measure blood flow, is a vital piece of medical equipment and is already in use throughout the community in Melrose.

Fundraising activities like this, which are common across Bield developments, are a great embodiment of Bield’s ‘Free to Be’ ethos which seeks to enable all their tenants to live their lives in the way they choose as much as possible.