Dog breeder Lynda Hall from Knockando, Moray is bringing joy and unconditional love to families with autistic children by donating dogs to them.

Working with charity Friendly Access, Lynda donates labradors to families who could benefit from the addition of a four legged friend.

Speaking to the Press and Journal, she said: “The dogs can become very important to some children.

“A dog asks no questions, don’t judge them and is a friend regardless of what happens.”

Lynda donated a dog, Tyson, to Angela Drummond, an administrator at Friendly Access, a year and a half ago to provide a friend and constant companion to her son Grant, 14, who has autism.

“Grant suffers from very bad anxiety when surrounded by crowds and strangers but Tyson has helped him immensely with this,” said Angela.

“When we go to a shop he accompanies us and when a stranger approaches and asks the dog’s name, Grant actually tells them it, which is a huge thing for him as it is something that never normally would have happened.”

Grant sometimes struggles with social interaction, something which Tyson has had a tremendous effect on.

“When we go to McDonalds, Grant always orders a plain vegetable burger and when it comes out wrong, he has a meltdown,” Angela said.

“Last week when this happened, he stayed remarkably calm and told me what was wrong and that we had to get it replaced, which again was a change for him.”

If you think your family would benefit from one of these adorable four-legged friends, contact Friendly Access, or email Lynda.


Image: Flickr/Yuri Pustjens


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