Advertorial from WAV conversion specialists Brotherwood

When the Collins family were looking for a high quality, safe and discrete Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for their son Mark, they were drawn to the Brotherwood Klastar – a unique lowered floor WAV conversion for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Mark has an acquired brain injury as well as a stroke which was the result of a motorbike accident that happened 21 years ago. As a result of this Mark has a wide variety of needs which their vehicle needs to accommodate for; however, the Collins wanted a normal, “car-like” vehicle which did not compromise on quality and safety.

The Klastar conversion, with its central wheelchair location, enables Mark to travel in comfort, with a good view out of the windows. The remote-controlled ramp takes the effort out of loading, whilst the PAWRS (combined winch and restraint system) and STORQ self-tensioning restraint system were features that particularity appealed as the safest and most suitable system for Mark’s needs.

Mark Collins in the Brotherwood WAV conversion

The Klastar is used and relied on daily, and enables the Collins family to carry out everyday tasks including shopping, going for meals and many family activities.

Mrs Collins added: “This is our second vehicle from Brotherwood, we have experienced many other companies that provide a similar service however, the standard of service, quality of product and overall experience from Brotherwood was outstanding compared to the other companies. After discovering Brotherwood we would not get our vehicles from anyone else and we will be continuing to use them in the future.”

“We are extremely happy with our vehicle and would recommend this vehicle to others because of the safety aspects and the luxurious spec that vehicle provides.”

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