The BT Group has united with the Home Nations and unveiled its 4-3-3 football partnership strategy, which will use technology, innovation and digital skills in footballing communities across the UK in order to help change the lives of players, fans and coaches.

The goal of the partnership is to break down the barriers to playing or supporting football. This includes creating a para and disability innovation hub and boosting support for men’s, women’s, para, and disability football. BT aims to launch a number of projects and initiatives over the five-year agreement with each of the Home Nations’ Football Associations in order to deliver against specific commitments and goals for their communities.

The three main goals for BT are to: develop new technology and innovation to allow new ways to play and engage with football, create closer football communities and opportunities through new digital and football skills initiatives, and inspire a new generation of girls and women to participate in football, on and off the pitch.

In order to inspire the next generation of disability players, BT will combine the power of its technology, innovation and partnerships while aiming to increase national support for the Home Nations’ teams.

This project has been launched as there isn’t always a game available for some disability groups to play. However, BT hopes to develop and design a new format of disability football for those who can’t play with their bodies, but could potentially play with their minds. The organisation aims to do so by working with Plexal, a leading tech innovation hub, Disability Rights UK, and other experts from accessibility and sport communities.

BT also aims to introduce new technology concepts into the game. For example, by helping individuals who are currently excluded from competitive sport to play, with the aim of allowing the very best players to perhaps play for their country one day.

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