Since Buckinghamshire Building Society and MySafeHome launched their HOLD (Home Ownership for people with Long-term Disabilities) product just over a year ago they have provided 19 mortgages to help those with long-term disabilities buy their first home.

Robin Bailey Chairman of Buckinghamshire Building Society says: “This area of lending fits with the values and philosophy of the Society where we aim to help everyone in the local community.  Due to their circumstances, people with long-term disabilities often struggle to find a mortgage, our product is aimed at helping them achieve this.”

On a recent visit to their offices in Chalfont St Giles, David Abbey, CEO of MySafe Home told Robin Bailey: “Many of our customers have significant and long-term health issues but that obviously doesn’t and shouldn’t stand in the way of them living life as independently as possible.”

In just the last few weeks this belief, passionately shared by both organisations, enabled one young man who had sadly been abused in not just one but two ‘care’ facilities to move to a home of his own, somewhere he can now live safely and securely for the rest of his life.

“Imagine being mentally and physically abused for days, weeks and months but not being able to escape. No one should have to suffer that,” states David. “Widely covered in the media this is one of the most disturbing, high profile cases we’ve ever had the privilege to be involved in and thanks to the support of Buckinghamshire Building Society, his family and new care team we’ve been able to help this individual take control of his life and future”.

Of course HOLD can also help people move on from their family home or rented accommodation too, providing the kind of access to ordinary homes on ordinary streets that everyone should enjoy.

“Thankfully whilst such traumatic cases are rare and many people receive excellent care in residential or other housing options,” continues David, “Many still crave the security and freedom of choice that that only owning a home of your own provides and Buckinghamshire Building Society’s ongoing support gives people with disabilities just that, well and truly living up to its ‘doing the right thing’ philosophy.”