ice cream parlour 20001A care home in Paisley is bringing an early taste of summer to its residents, providing them with their own traditional ice cream parlour.

Bupa’s Braemount care home, on Donaldswood Road, features the innovative confectionery counter, which aims to provide a recognisable social environment for residents to relive the past and encourage the sharing of memories and stories.

The ice cream parlour opens daily and is fully stocked with a variety of classic ice cream flavours, as well as different sauces and toppings, including wafers and flakes. It has become particularly popular with sweet-toothed residents who enjoy a cone or tub of the frozen snack alongside an after-dinner film.

Kate McConville, Manager at Bupa’s Braemount care home, believes the ice cream parlour delivers a creative form of therapy for residents, especially those living with dementia.

She said: “The parlour is a comfortable and familiar social setting for our residents which helps to make them feel more at ease within their surroundings.

“It is open to all residents and appeals to the vast majority as it allows them to reconnect with old memories, such as summer holidays to the seaside.

“We currently make use of the parlour for all manner of activities and special events – everything from a quiet Friday night in to celebratory family occasions, but it is particularly busy in the evenings after dinner, when everyone fancies something sweet.”

icecream parlour 1Dementia takes various forms and can leave people living with the condition feeling confused, isolated or distressed. In some cases they will not recognise even close relatives and loved ones.

However, research has repeatedly shown the benefits of helping those with the condition to channel and focus on positive memories from their lives.

Kate believes the parlour helps to improve cognitive stimulation for Braemount’s residents living with dementia.

She said: “This concept improves the living experience for residents by providing extra cognitive stimulation which inevitably improves their mood and general sense of wellbeing.

“Guests can also benefit from spending time in the enjoyable setting which enhances the visit to their relative or friend – helping to create a friendly, relaxing atmosphere for all parties.”