The second Unique Art Awards is open for entries

After the success of the first Unique Art Awards in 2016, this exciting initiative returns for second year to champion the artistic talents of some of Britain’s brightest disabled youngsters. The second Unique Art Awards (UAA 2017), the brainchild of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) Trust Fund for Training of Handicapped Children in the Arts, will celebrate five artistic mediums and encourage under 21s across the land to unleash their creativity. The awards is now open to receive entries, until 22 June.

The Unique Art Awards will be judged by a panel of professional artists, including representatives of the MFPA Trust Fund charity and Rotary International. The awards will have two age groups, Child (7-15) and Youth (16-21) and feature five different categories – all under the subject ‘My World’ – resulting in a truly multi-disciplinary collection of artworks from some of Britain’s most talented young disabled artists.

The five categories and their entry requirements include:

  • Child/Youth Painter: whether watercolour, gouache or finger painting, create an original artwork inspired by  ‘My World’
  • Child/Youth Photographer: wow us with your finest photography, even from your camera phone
  • Child/Youth 3D Sculptor:rather than post the sculpture, please send/email photos for the first round of judging
  • Child/Digital Artist: design a digital piece of art on a computer or tablet
  • Child/Youth Musician: whatever your instrument and musical style, produce a two minute original musical piece, recorded and sent on CD

Tom Yendell, Board Member of the MFPA Trust Fund, comments:

“After the amazing first event held in October 2016, we’re thrilled to be returning with the Unique Art Awards for another year, an exciting initiative to showcase some of the incredible artistic talent that may currently be lying undiscovered.  From painters to photographers, it’s sure to be an amazing platform for our entrants.”

Prizes for the top three overall winners are:

  • 1st Place: £1,000 in vouchers and £3,000 for their school/college/university
  • 2nd Place: £500 in vouchers and £2,000 for their school/college/university
  • 3rd Place: £250 in vouchers and £1,000 for their school/college/university
  • Each finalist will receive a certificate and a £50 Great Art Voucher, or category related equivalent.
  • There will be three finalists from each age group in each of the five categories – Bronze (3rd) Silver (2nd) and Gold (1st)

In recognition of the incredible work done by teachers in the arts in special education, there will also be an additional award highlighting excellence in this field, including art, drama and music. Schools and colleges are invited to nominate their teachers for the Arts Teacher In Special Education Award by sending a written paper (no more than 1500 words) describing what makes their teacher so special, how they go ‘above and beyond’ their normal duties and why they deserve the award. The winner will received £2,000 in vouchers.

Last year’s winners included:

  • Christopher Edeh, 15, from London – Gold Award  for 2D Painting
  • Katie Bryne, 21, from Kent – Gold Award for 2D Painting
  • Izzy Colville, 16, from Hindhead – Gold Award, Music
  • Karina Wilson, 15, from Lydd-on-Sea – Gold Award, Music
  • Georgie Ellis, 11, from Basingstoke – Gold Award for 3D Sculpture
  • Joshua Hodgkinson, 16, from Blackburn – Gold Award for 3D Sculpture
  • Cailean Tadden, 20, from Hampshire – Gold Award for Photography
  • Ben Dixon, 14, from Sheffield – Gold Award for Photography
  • Flynn Johnson, 9, from Bristol – Gold Award for Poetry
  • John Foley, 18, from Blackburn – Gold Award for Poetry

Entries to all categories are now open, until 22 June. Finalists will be invited to attend an Awards Ceremony in London in October 2017.

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