Children’s charity Children Today have changed the life of a young woman with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Condition by providing her with an “unbreakable” bed.

20-year-old Ruby has severe learning disabilities and behavioral issues and is prone to rocking back and forwards and bouncing on her bed due to her sensory needs. Because of this, she has broken her last three beds, the joints of which could not take the pressure they were under.

The idea to purchase Ruby an “unbreakable” bed came when she visited the respite care home that she stays in once a week, and carers showed her the specially adapted bed they had which featured no parts or bolts. Unfortunately, Ruby’s mum Lena discovered the bed cost £800, an amount that the family could not afford to pay.

©Children Today

20-year-old Ruby ©Children Today

“These beds cost over £800 each as they are all made bespoke to order and, as I have had to give up work to look after Ruby’s needs,” Lena said, “we just couldn’t afford to buy one despite knowing it would significantly help benefit her wellbeing.”

Lena submitted an application to Children Today for a grant, and was ecstatic to find that their request had been accepted:

“This bed means we now have so much more peace of mind that Ruby can’t hurt herself if she tries to break it as there is nothing on it that can fall apart”, Lena said. “Ruby settles down so much quicker at night now and is getting a lot more rest which is having a positive knock-on effect on the rest of her life.

“She’s now going to a specialist college for young people with disabilities where she’s building skills that will help her live more independently. She’s got more opportunities for social interaction as well which means her self-confidence is coming on leaps and bounds and she’s really blossoming.”