It’s hard enough to keep kids busy at the weekend, never mind for two whole weeks at Christmas – so why not take a day to pop into the kitchen and get baking? Baking is the best kind of messy fun for the family, as at the end of it, there’s almost always a cake or a biscuit to eat! We’ve been on the lookout for great bakes that are ideal for little helpers to get involved with.

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Christmas bakes - cupcakes

Christmas cakes are the best kind of bakes. While you cannot convince me that a snowman cake I make with my nieces would ever turn out looking the way the BBC’s did, it’s a fun one to imagine you can maybe do, depending on talent and dexterity levels. On the other hand, these Christmas light cupcakes look way more delicate and complex than they are, so they’re the perfect bake if you’re looking to impress the family. These Christmas tree brownies may just be the cutest bake in the entire world, followed very closely by these Christmas pudding cake pops from the BBC.


Christmas bakes - biscuits

Ah, the Christmas biscuit. An underappreciated bake that forms the backbone of many of the flavour profiles we associate with Christmas. Gingerbread men are the epitome of Christmas, and they’re not really that difficult to make, provided you space them far enough apart in the oven, lest they come out looking like something from a Junji Ito manga (don’t Google that if you have a heart condition). Kids will absolutely love making these lightly spiced star biscuits – take them up to eleven by dipping half of the biscuit in glacé icing and adding some sprinkle decorations. These reindeer donuts are great for making with kids because they’re cute, and don’t require any hot oil, so they’re a lot safer to bake with kids.


No-one can trust themselves around an oven 100% of the time, so having a few no-bake recipes on stand-by is a great idea. They’re almost always guaranteed to take less time to make, too, which is perfect if your children/you have a short attention span for these kinds of activities. So long as you can operate a bain-marie (you can, absolutely promise), these bakes are for you. Christmas puddings are rubbish – don’t @ me – but these adorable little Rice Crispies ones are perfect for Christmastime. Nevermind a wreath on your door, get one in your kitchen care of these no-bake cornflake wreaths. Extending a hand of friendship over the Atlantic, you could try making peppermint patties; that’s depending on how easy it is for you to find corn syrup, however.

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