Claire Williams

Claire Williams

National charity the Spinal Injuries Association has today announced Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal and Commercial Director of Williams, as their Vice President. A role which will enable Claire to get more involved in a cause that she is passionate about.

Having experienced first-hand the impact that spinal cord injury can have on a family, Claire wants to ensure that spinal cord injured people and their families have the support they need to live fulfilling and independent lives.

The charity has been close to the hearts of Claire and the Williams team after the Spinal Injuries Association provided support to Claire’s father, Sir Frank Williams, when he became spinal cord injured in a car accident in 1986. Since then the team have helped to raise funds for and awareness of their great work including holding fundraising Go-Karting tournaments and driver dinners, supported the charity’s annual Awards Ceremony and they also made the Spinal Injuries Association their official charity partner.

Claire is keen to use her role as Vice President to be an advocate for the spinal cord injured community and to assist the Spinal Injuries Association with their work in keeping their needs at the forefront of public affairs. In addition Claire is a big supporter of the charity’s work in increasing confidence in individuals after injury, particularly when considering returning to work. To assist with this issue, Claire is championing work experience opportunities for the charity’s members at Williams’ headquarters in Oxfordshire.

Speaking about her role as Vice President Claire Williams said; “I’m delighted to be taking on this role and to help champion a cause that is very close to me, my family and the team. I have become increasingly involved with the Spinal Injuries Association over the past two years and have had the opportunity to witness first-hand the amazing job they do. Hopefully I can use my position and the profile of Formula One to help further their work.”

The Spinal Injuries Association’s Chief Executive Officer Sue Browning said of the appointment,
“The Spinal Injuries Association is excited about having Claire as a formal Ambassador for spinal cord injured people, their families and for the charity. She is extremely committed to the cause and we look forward to creating a positive change together.”

Claire’s first official duties as Vice President will take place in March 2016, at a reception the charity is holding in the House of Commons and the launch of the work experience opportunities at Williams, which will begin in the spring.

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