It is a vision we didn’t expect to see in our lifetime but cycling cynic Jeremy Clarkson has recently been pictured on a bicycle. 

Yes, we know it’s hard to believe but the Top Gear presenter parked his love of V8 engines and burning rubber for a few minutes to test out a specially converted bicycle that is being used by wounded soldiers in an upcoming charity event called The Hero Ride.

Clarkson has always been a supporter of the Help for Heroes campaign so headed to Tedworth House in Hampshire to meet disabled soldiers who are competing in the charity race on June 2.

But instead of simply sit around and watch, the famous motor mouth decided to ditch his preconceptions of cyclists and have a go himself. Taking on Staff Sergeant Steve Arnold and Corporal Josh Boggi, he zipped around the gardens of Tedworth House like they were on the Top Gear test track.

He told The Sun, “It’s really embarrassing, my stomach is so big I can’t see,” after being photographed squeezing into the bicycle that is operated by the hands rather than the legs.

Clarkson has previously been rather unsavoury towards cyclists, questioning their right to use the road due to them not having to pay road tax and once claiming cyclists ‘deserve’ abuse, but it seems the presenter can shun his opinions in the name of charity.

By Leon Poultney