Cool Bank Holidays

If you’re lucky enough to be off this bank holiday Monday, you may be enjoying weather that’s apparently hotter than Rio De Janeiro (oh no). It’s difficult to stay cool on days like this, let alone thinking of new ways to try and keep your temperature down, but never fear – PosAbility is here with some top tips to staying cool in the late-Autumn heatwave!

Stay Hydrated

This one borders on common sense – but for some, staying hydrated is way more difficult than others, especially if you live with a condition that affects your intestines (or you don’t have intestines), as that’s where your body reabsorbs the vast majority of its water. Be on the lookout for headaches, dizziness, dark yellow or brown urine, dry skin, and of course, an increased level of thirst. As well as drinking loads of water, keep rehydration sachets close by if it’s something you struggle with – they’re available at most high street pharmacies, like Boots or Superdrug.

Dress Well

Wearing loose-fitting, light clothing will put you in good sted to deal with the heat. Cotton is a great choice as it’s breathable, as is linen or chambray. It might sound counterproductive, but try to protect as much of your skin with light clothing as you can to keep UV rays from making direct contact with your skin. Also remember to wear a hat! Your scalp burns so quickly, so look after it. Slap on that sunscreen too – factor 30 at a bare minimum, and remember to re-apply every two hours!

Avoid the Sun (Bank Holidays)

Alright bear with me here: stay out of the sun when it’s highest in the sky. There’s not a really tight consensus on when that is, but most medical professionals advise to stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, give or take an hour on each side, as this is when you’re most likely to be negatively affected by the sun. It’s still going to be beautiful outside after 3pm, so you won’t miss much. It’s prime time for going to the shops to get stuff for your inevitable BBQ, anyway.

Stay Cool Indoors

If you’re stuck in the office today like Team Pos, you can take some precautions to make sure you don’t boil at your desk. Incidentally, there isn’t a maximum temperature at which employers have to give up on trying to make you work – we checked. Open the windows, shut the blinds, and get the fans going to circulate air around the room. If you have the luxury, putting ice in front of desk fans will create your very own makeshift air con unit!

Cool Bank Holidays

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