TillyThe team at global diabetes community Diabetes.co.uk are behind the latest copycat selfies and so far over 500 BloodSugarSelfies have been taken, raising much-needed funds and awareness of the condition. Charities that have received donations include JDRF and DiabetesUK.

Karen Addington, UK Chief Executive of JDRF, said:
“JDRF received more than 60 donations within the first 24 hours of #BloodSugarSelfie appearing on social media – and they’re still coming. These donations will support our mission to better treat, prevent and one day cure type 1 diabetes. Thanks to Diabetes.co.uk for creating this superb campaign.”

Arjun Panesar, Technical Director at Diabetes.co.uk comments:
“The #bloodsugarselfies are a great way for children and adults alike to realise they are not alone in managing their diabetes. In sharing their results with each other, people can see it’s not only themselves who experience high or low blood sugar (glucose) levels and can educate themselves on controlling diabetes at the same time.”

Children and adults suffering from the condition are taking selfies similar to the recent no makeup cancer selfie, #bloodsugarselfie and uploading these with their blood glucose meter and reading, whilst donating £5 to charity. This is being promoted via Europe’s largest diabetes Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/Diabetes.co.uk