A couple with cerebral palsy embraced the difficulties that their disability entails and turned their wedding into a rolling good time.  Melissa Crisp and Owen Cooper invited guests to help them ‘roll into marriage’ as the bride used a wheelchair and the groom used a Segway.  Every aspect of the Berkeley, California wedding was reflective of the couple’s courtship and lives together- from the words they shared at the service to the dance that they carefully choreographed through lessons as they co-ordinated their various wheels.

Ms Crisp, who will now be called Mrs Crisp-Cooper, is a freelance writer. The profession allows her to clearly communicate the ideas that she has trouble saying audibly because of her disability.

She wrote their vows, in which they said ‘I promise to roll across our uncharted future, get lost along the way, and discover all the beauty, surprise, and love inherent in our journey.’

The photos of the happy couple on their big day, shot by Stout Photography, show that they were thrilled with the way that the moving pieces of the wedding came together.

As is common with cerebral palsy, the degree to which the disability hinders the movements of the individuals differs dramatically, and while Mrs Crisp-Cooper, 37, has difficulty speaking, Mr Cooper walks with a subtle limp which causes him, 38, to have difficulty driving.

MSNBC explains that it was that difficulty that brought them together in the first place.

In 2008, Mr Cooper was searching online for tips about how to practice for his driver’s licence in spite of his disability. During his research, he found an article written by Ms Crisp and contacted her to talk more about it.

They began corresponding, and their relationship bloomed from there.

‘We’re both really into going about our lives as the people that we are,’ Mr Cooper told MSNBC.

‘It’s not all about disability all the time. It’s mostly just about living your life. Mostly, disability is second and life is first.’

The couple have travelled extensively and plan to add a new place- and major milestone- to their list of adventures during their honeymoon.

During their trip to Hawaii, the couple will be renting their first car and putting those driving tips to good use.

Mail Online