WEB_disabledDISABLED households are expected to lose £3 million in benefits. 

The loss will be shared between some of the 4,000 households in Flintshire who will have their disability living allowance reassessed under the new benefits arrangements.

Councillors will consider a report from the head of finance at a meeting of the corporate resources overview and scrutiny committee today which details the expected losses.

Cabinet member for social services, Cllr Christine Jones, said the situation was “absolutely horrendous” and accused the coalition government of targeting the most vulnerable people in society.

“It’s a total disgrace what they’re doing to people with disabilities,” she said.
On June 8, the Personal Independence Payment was introduced for new claimants aged 16 to 64.

The new benefit replaces the Disability Living Allowance.

Households in Flintshire already on Disability Living Allowance will be reassessed between 2013 and 2017.

Cllr Jones said the council had worked hard to minimise the impact of the benefits changes but described the situation as “scary”.

“We’ve had certain things in progress. We’ve gone out to speak to people, gone out to warn them.”

But she said there was only so much the council could do. We haven’t got the budget,” she said. “We’ll keep on caring as much as we can but there’s a limit to what we can do. We see the effect it’s having and it’s really upsetting.

“The next five or 10 years are going to be horrendous.”

Flintshire councillor Richard Lloyd, a member of the overview and scrutiny committee, said he would ask at the meeting how the figures had been arrived at.

“They can’t know until they’ve assessed everyone,” he said. “I think at the moment they’re a bit of a guestimate.”

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