The campaign to save Disability Living Allowance from being abolished and replaced with Personal Independence Payments has now exceeded well over 4,000 signatures when Community Action Party sources are able to sensationally reveal the scale of the savage cuts being faced by people living with disability and long-term or life-long illness.

The Community Action Party based in Greater Manchester holds documentation and information given to them by Members of Parliament which states that the scale of the cuts being imposed on disabled people in this parliament alone is estimated at £8.6 Billions.

Community Action Party bosses believe these figures exclude the additional planned cuts to be imposed on disabled people from 2015 onwards. It was revealed that the scrapping of Disability Living Allowance will result in 500,000 disabled people who currently receive help, will either have their help stopped or reduced making massive savings for the government which Community Action Party sources say for this parliament will be £8.6 Billions.

At the same time the Conservative and Liberal Coalition government have awarded contracts worth tens of millions of pounds to companies like ATOS who are controversially given the task of undertaking medical tests which many believe have been designed to remove more people from Disability Benefits.

A petition has been submitted on HM Government epetition website by the Deputy Leader of the Community Action Party Michael Moulding which states :-

“Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

The government intends to abolish Disability Living Allowance and replace it with Personal Independence Payments. We feel the government is doing this because it is clear by awarding the contract to assess Personal Independence Payments to ATOS, it is a means to make savage cuts welfare to the most vulnerable in society. We believe peoples lives will be lost as a result of the scrapping of DLA for Personal Independence Payments assessed by ATOS.”

The petition has so far collected well over 4,000 signatures in just a few weeks and if 100,000 is achieved the petition may force parliament to consider the issues. The petition expires in September 2013.

The Leader of the Community Action Party Peter Franzen (above) which has its head office based in Wigan, Greater Manchester is urging everyone to sign the petition.

Peter Franzen says “The evidence is absolutely clear. The government is making these changes to make savage cuts and not to make the system fairer. It is clear that even members of Parliament believe many people living with disability or illness will in future not get the help they need.”

“This campaign is a first step because we believe all parties in Westminster – Tory, Liberal & Labour are complicit in what is happening and we want to achieve the 100,000 so that all of us are then able to pressurise all MP’s to ensure the voices of disabled people are heard. At present, they are getting lip service.”

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Courtesy of the Manchester Gazette