Voting against an increase in benefits was in the best interests of Guernsey’s disabled community, the States disability champion has said.  Deputy John Gollop, who was chosen to represent disabled islanders, voted against calls for a benefit hike.  He said the proposals would only have benefited some disabled islanders.

Deputy Gollop said the quick-fix approach went against States financial policy and would have caused further problems in the future.

He said work was continuing on a strategy aimed at introducing a wide range of measures to support disabled and vulnerable members of the community.

Deputy Gollop said: “When that piece of work is in place that is the time to really work out what we need to do for the disabled community.”

He said he hoped that would be within the next two years.

Deputy Gollop admitted it was important to ensure he kept the right balance with his role inside government with his role as a campaigner.