This Disability Pride Month we want to give a shout out to some of the amazing bloggers, campaigners and organisations out there who are helping to pave the way for a more inclusive society. Many of these wonderful human beings have been involved with PosAbility Magazine and this list is by no means exhaustive, but it gives some great recommendations of who to follow online. 

Samantha Renke
Disability Pride MonthA resident columnist for PosAbility, Samantha Renke has a powerful voice in the disabled community. She is sassy, funny, and says it as she sees it. Her open and honest posts on the #TheDailyRenke are relateable and educational. She calls people out for discrimination, educates the non-disabled world on real-life issues for the disabled community and makes you laugh at the same time. Read her latest post in Instagram for Disability Pride Month.

Insta: @samantharenke
Twitter: @samrenke

The Staying Inn
Disability Pride MonthCreated by Dr Amy Kavanagh at the beginning of lockdown, this virtual pub has provided a place for disabled people to hang out and have a drink with likeminded people. Designed to help reduce the isolation many people are feeling, The Staying Inn has turned into a busy local and now provides quiz nights, craft groups, campaigning workshops, book clubs and more!

Sign up at:
Twiiter: @TheStayingInn

Lucy Edwards
Disability Pride MonthThis visually impaired YouTuber, presenter and disability rights campaigner is not afraid to covers any topic on her YouTube channel. From debunking misconceptions around blindness and demonstrating make-up techniques, to discussing periods with other blind women – no topic is off the table. Lucy’s bubbly personality is pretty addictive too and her guide dog Olga is beautiful!

YouTube: Lucy Edwards
Twitter: @lucyedwards

Mik Scarlet
Disability Pride MonthOur long-suffering columnist Mik Scarlet has been with us forever. His columns are wide and varied every issue, his rants are epic and his passion is undeniable. He is the Godfather of disability rights campaigning and he loves a Twitter debate, seeking out opportunities to educate and promote the importance of equality, accessibility and inclusivity. PosAbility would not be the same without him, and if you follow Mik on Twitter you will be treated to some exquisite photos from his punk days.

Twitter: @MikScarlet

Euan’s Guide
Disability Pride MonthEuan MacDonald MBE and his sister Kiki started the charity in 2013 following Euan’s diagnosis of MND. Spurred on by a frustration of the lack of disabled access and information on access at venues, Euan’s Guide was born. The access review website now has thousands of first-hand reviews of venues across the UK from disabled people, helping disabled people to confidently visit tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and much more. You will also find a regular instalment in PosAbility from Euan’s Guide every issue.

Twitter: @EuansGuide

Jane Hatton
Disability Pride MonthJane Hatton is the founder of Evenbreak, a specialist online jobs board that connects disabled candidates with employers who are actively seeking to promote their roles to disabled candidates. She educates the business world on the benefits of widening the talent pool and employing disabled people and she offers advice in every issue of PosAbility to disabled jobseekers on how to showcase their talents and highlight their strengths.

Twitter: @JaneLHatton

Dan White
Disability Pride MonthFather to Emily White who has spina bifida and is a wheelchair user, Dan has been campaigning for the rights of families with disabled children and carers for years. His creative side led him to create the incredible Department of Ability – a group of superheroes who all have a disability – and these days you will find him fighting for carers rights and the rights of disabled children via news pieces, radio interviews, his PosAbility column and social media.

Twitter: @Danwhite1972

Downs Side Up (Hayley Newman)
Disability Pride MonthHayley has two daughters, Mia and Natty, and Natty was born with Down’s syndrome. Hayley admits that when Natty was born she was ignorant to what living with Down’s syndrome meant, so she has spent the last few years creating an award-winning blog called Downs Side Up to help parents and families. She has also campaigned fiercely for the rights of people living with Down’s syndrome, educating the public and changing perceptions.

Twitter: @LoveYouNatty

Eugene Grant
Disability Pride MonthEugene’s Twitter account is probably one of our favourites. Eugene is a writer and self-confessed amateur dwarfism historian, he has dwarfism himself and he uses his Twitter account to educate the masses with his eloquent snippets of dwarfism history and highlights the discrimination that people with dwarfism encounter. You will learn something if you follow him.

Twitter: @MrEugeneGrant

Carrie-Ann Lightley
Disability Pride MonthCarrie-Ann has a passion for travel and accessibility, her blog shares travel guides for disabled people, accessibility reviews and tips for travelling. She has recently written an article for PosAbility covering the importance of accessibility information and will be keeping us updated on how to safely travel in this new COVIDesque era.

Twitter: @CarrieALightley

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