A new project that uses a special system to enable people with disabilities to make music has been launched in Birmingham. 

The Soundbeam system uses sensors to translate body movements into music.

Dr Liz Johnson, from the 3DOM project, said they were working with Heartlands Hospital to find patients who would benefit from the experience.

A team of eight musicians will go to the homes of people “at risk of social isolation”, she added.


Dr Johnson said: “It’s liberating in all sort of ways to be able to make music.”

Chris Lees, who uses a wheelchair and has limited movement, said the experience of using Soundbeam had been “pure magic”.

“The instrument has the capacity to let me draw music from it simply by waving my arms and thus forget for a few blissful minutes the physical disability which has taken up far too much space in my life and the lives of others like me,” he said.

He will be demonstrating the system between 18:00 and 20:00 on Saturday in the Arena Foyer at the Birmingham Conservatoire in Paradise Place.

The project is funded by the Arts Council.

BBC News