Fans of The Great British Bake Off might have been surprised to see a new advert from Amazon during one of the show’s breaks which explored how the company’s flagship home virtual assistant can help change lives. With this great new advert on appearing on our screens, what better time is there to celebrate five iconic ads featuring disabled actors that have graced our screens?

Morning Ritual – Amazon/RNIB

This ad by creative agency Joint subverts our expectations in a huge way: it starts with the woman waking up in bed and asking Alexa the time. Looking out the window, she asks Alexa what the weather’s like. It’s only when Alexa tells her that it’s a rainy day that we find out the woman is blind, and Alexa is helping her to engage more effectively with the world around her through sound. The fantastic 60-second feature was created in association with the RNIB.

Dance Floor – Maltesers

Maltesers’ series of ads looking on the “lighter side” of disability using disabled actors are all brilliant, but our personal favourite has to be Dance Floor, thanks to the presence of PosAbility fave Sam Renke leading the action. The ad sees Sam chatting with some friends about a mishap at a wedding which results in her wheeling over the bride’s foot…but at least slick Sam leaves with the best man’s number!

Meet the Superhumans – Channel 4/Paralympics

For their first year as the British broadcaster of the Paralympics, Channel 4 pulled out every imaginable stop to promote the games, and they smashed it on every level. Their Meet the Superhumans advertising is well remembered- and rightly so – for portraying Paralympians as powerful and capable athletes and breaking down misconceptions.

W*nker – Co-Operative Bank

These adverts were shown before movies in the late nineties, and was made for the Co-Operative Bank’s campaign to support disabled people in the UK. The See the Person, Not the Disability tagline is a common one in advertising – there’s a similar Australian advertising campaign that uses the same tagline, and it’s also brilliant.

End the Awkward – Scope

Scope’s 2016 campaign to End the Awkward resulted in a great ad recommending non-disabled people H.I.D.E. when they see a disabled person – say hi, introduce yourself, don’t panic, and end the awkward. The campaign tackles a serious issue in a funny and irreverent way using disabled actors.


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