the-yellow-road-markings-of-a-disabled-parking-bay-on-a-tarmac-road-ew3nfpIn England councils have taken “legal action against 985 people in 2014-15, the vast majority of them for using someone else’s blue badge.”

This is a drastic rise from figures taken from the Department for Transport on the previous year.

Disability groups all over the UK are hoping legitimate holders of blue badges will be treated fairly by fellow motorists and the rules applying the the use of these specific bays will be followed.

Figures show that;

“Thefts of badges have also risen with 2,056 cases, compared with 1,756 the year before. Across England, all but 28 prosecutions were of non-badge holders using another person’s permit.”

This news comes just days after Scottish governments and Police Scotland released the news of their plans to crackdown on motorists misusing disabled parking badges via STV News.

Authorities are now showing a zero tolerance approach to abusing disability parking, acknowledging how unjust such abuse is against genuine badge holders. Find out more at BBC NewsThis news will be welcomed be disabled motorists across the UK.